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Yankees “NY” the Symbol for the wannabe?

June 1, 2010

Hmmm, that’s the question I pose here.  What do I mean?  I mean is the Yankees NY logo the easiest way to spot wannabe’s on the street and anywhere you go?  Let me explain briefly why I say this.

The logo of the wannabe

The symbol of the poser?

You see New York is currently overrun with Johnny come-lately’s that come here trying to be part of this Hollywood created image of New York City.  At the same time the New York Yankees have been spending into oblivion as MLB has no salary restrictions or rules so that’s their prerogative.  The Yankees are also excellent marketers, they tilt the table to their advantage, then advertise themselves as the “ultimate winners.”  Now, here’s what we have these elements combining into a filthy display of posers and fakers selling you, they are part of a fictional class.  I’ll call it the “uber-NY’er”  we’ve all met them the people from the Mid West that walk around NYC being rude and giving attitude with a Mid Western twang because they’re not on the farm anymore they’re “big city boys and girls now, daddy.”

Don’t believe me?  Don’t think Hollywood has adopted the logo as a symbol of lame-i-tude?  Let’s take a little look at some big fans

Victoria Beckham, is a big fan? Posh Spice, it's right there in the name, i could rest my case here.

Tila Tequila, she can describe the infield fly rule.

Paris Hilton is REAL, never a mindless trend follower.

Scarlett Johanssen just wants to blend in with the people.

Ashley Tisdale, I'd comment but I'm not sure who that is.

I think the reason for all of this false bravado and imagery may be the Yankees themselves, for you see as any REAL New Yorker knows the Yankees aren’t really from here, nope much like their current legions they’re transplants and that insecurity may be why they must spend more than anyone, build a bigger stadium than anyone and keep telling you about all their titles.  And we real NYers look and say, “good for you buddy.”  You see the Yankees were born in Baltimore and are the original Baltimore Orioles.

The ORIGINAL Yankees logo when they were the Baltimore Orioles.

We all know the media pushes the Red Sox as the Yankees main rival and maybe they are but who is it that the Yankees and their fans are really always taking shots at and trying to belittle?  The New York Mets is who, but why?  This town’s big enough for the two of them.  Why is because the Mets are truly New Yorkers, something the tainted Yankees know they can never be, no matter what they spend or how much they win, they’ll always just be that team that moved in.  You see The Mets’ roots are true, through and through.  They were born of native parents, the Bronx’s New York Giants and Brooklyn’s Dodgers, teams born and beloved by true New Yorkers back when that’s what New York was made of.  And like all true New Yorkers with a parent from the Bronx and one from Brooklyn the Mets settled into Queens.  Every-time the Yankees see the Mets hat they get angered because it’s mocking them and their tainted roots.  As we all know the Mets hat (thier real hat) is the Dodgers blue with the Giants NY symbol.

The formula for a Native New York baseball club.

It’s hard to explain jealousy and the motivations that then follow.  The Mets are happy with their cozy working man’s house in queens they don’t need a big tacky showy palace that’s in everyone’s face, that’s for the transplant show off’s.  New York was always a National League town and amongst REAL New Yorkers always will be, just no need for all the flamboyance and bravado, “let them do what they do in their palace, we’re having a good time in our house.”  That’s how the natives feel.

Let them have their Hollywood image…

Nick Jonas of Dallas, TX.   Showing his "New York Soul" indeed.

Nick Jonas of Dallas, TX. Showing his "New York Soul" indeed.

Michael Moore of Flint, MI. The Yankees can have him gladly.

Canada's Justin Bieber. We salute you too buddy.

Hayden Christensen of Vancouver. The real Anakin Skywalker ghost from Jedi was a Dodgers fan.

John Mayer of Conn. Dictionary definition of Poser wanna-be douche.

Chance Crawford of Lubbock, TX. Gossip Girl and Yankee hats, Tre Trendy.

Here’s some more fun ones…

Hayden Planetarium. She's doing it with a littlevariation. Yeah you go for it girl. WTF? Next please

Puffy with a what's what of trendy 101, Yankee hat, Obama shirt & cardigan. You go Sean John.

Trendy Hollywood

Ben Affleck isn't he like the poster child for Boston? Maybe there is a context for this pic? Who knows but 1,000 words, ya' dig

Kelly Bensimon the craziest b@tch on all of reality TV. If you know who she is I need not even comment.

Jay-Z gets special tribute here because he is taking responsibility and claiming HE is the reason everyone is wearing Yankee hats.  OK buddy, sure you are.  He’s part OWNER of the NJ Nets but no-one wears Nets hats including HIM.  That’s like if I start wearing Ray-Ban’s and take credit when I see other people in ’em.  Come back to us Jay.

The Al Gore of Yankee hats, Jay-Z wants all the credit. (see above)

How’d I find all these pictures?  5 seconds on Google.  Celebs love to be trendy and love you to see them doing it.  I looked long and hard for Mets themed celebs, the pickins’ were slim outside of 1st pitches at the game, because real NY’ers don’t need to advertise they just do what they do.

Jon Stewart, NYC, NY.

Kevin James- LI, NY.

Chris Rock - Bklyn, NY

Jerry Seinfeld LI, NY

Matt Dillon - New Rochelle, NY

Viggo Mortensen - NYC, NY. Couldn't find a picture of him in a Mets item, but i read he is a huge fan and wore a David Wright t-shirt to an interview and Viggo is awesome she he's the pic exception.

OK, well what have we learned?  We have learned thanks to the media and the Hollywood machine combined with MLB’s no rules spending creiteria we have a little perfect storm.  With all of that in mind i made a little animation.  Give it a watch and maybe you’ll get a smile or two.  If not, oh well maybe next time.


* Special Note:  This isn’t really a bash of the Steinbrenner family, I have met Hal more than once and he’s always a true gentleman and I find him to be a truly fine human being (never met our star of the video Hank though, ha).  It’s more of an indictment of the competitive balance of MLB.  It’s just no fun this way.

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  1. Rajan permalink
    July 14, 2010 1:16 am

    So fcuking true. All people want are gay stickers. The little gold ones

  2. Matthew Cocalas permalink
    July 28, 2010 12:44 pm

    It’s spelled ‘poseur’.

    I think the reason everyone in Hollyood wears Yankee hats has nothing to do with Jay-Z, and more to do with Derek Jeter dating Mariah Carey in 1997.

    Oh, by the way, you only have 25 more championships to go.

  3. October 31, 2010 3:26 pm

    just the mere look of Chris Rock would give you laughs already “”


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