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Bethenny Frankel Tells it how it “is”?

March 24, 2010

Hey guys, I just did a quick animation; at the risk of becoming a one trick pony I have done another one themed toward the Real Housewives from Bravo.  This time it’s the real Housewives of New York.  I did it quick after I saw this weeks episode (episode 3) and Bethenny was at the Learning Annex here in NY to “teach” people about weight management etc.  and whatever else is in those books she’s always hocking.

Bethanny Frankel Bravo's #1 Self-Promoter

Bethanny Frankel Bravo's #1 Self-Promoter

Anyway, basically what they showed on TV was her bragging in a cutaway about how much she loves public speaking and how she’s in her element.  Then she proceeded to assume the podium tell everyone she’s nervous about “teaching” wanted to serve alcohol to relax everyone and the mood and then asked who came to sleep with her?

MY version of her "teaching" , Look BELOW

MY version of her "teaching" , Look BELOW

Talked about who she sleeps with and why.  And offered advice about diet that included people having more sex.  Then proceeded to label people as gay and further advised a man to freeze leftover from a large meal and potion them.  YES!  That’s what she is being paid to tell people.

Bethenny likes to talk about sex

Bethenny likes to talk about sex

Although i suppose on a show where Playboy MAGAZINE is called one of the most “famous books in the world” I should see this moment as enlightened.

So I whipped something up quick.

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